Corn Painting for Kids!

Hi Guys! I wanted to blog quickly about a fun project I did with my after school kiddos a couple weeks ago! We painted with corn on the Cobb and they LOVED it!!! I asked them if they had ever painted with Corn before and they just looked at me like I was crazy, but they were super excited at the same time! This is also a great little project for this week since Thanksgiving is on Thursday!

Materials you need:

  1. I used 4 large Corn on the cobbs from the store.
  2. Washable kids paint (I used Crayola brand and about 3-4 colors).
  3. A few sponge brushes to help the kiddos get more paint coverage onto their corn.
  4. Large plain white paper.

I get most of these materials at my local Dollar Tree store. But I will link a few sites here in case you cannot find these. Again, this is a super inexpensive art project and just SO FUN!!!

Here are more fun action shots of my students just having a ball with this project!


Comment below if you guys have any fun Thanksgiving projects you like to do at home with your kiddos!




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