Thanksgiving Art!

Happy Thanksgiving Weeks guys! I had my last Art and Sensory class for the fall semester and we finished up our class with a cute, fun and creative Thanksgiving themed art project! As you can see in this post, we made paper Indian Corn decor! So, so cute!!

Having themed projects is really fun, but also a great way to keep myself organized with what projects I want to introduce to my young students. I feel that it is also a great way to get them excited about the holidays around this time of the year!

I also try very hard to not by too many supplies for this class too! Meaning that I really gather up materials that can be recycled and used multiple times and for many different purposes when it comes to creativity. With this particular project, I gave them the option to either use a q-tip, or their fingers to make the paint prints. Q-tips are such an inexpensive item to get and can be used for so many different purposes, and art is one of them! And of course, paper and paint is just always a staple with any art project! I also had some left over Red, White and Blue ribbon that I cut up and attached to their corn to be hung at home!

Materials needed-

  1. Plain paper (In this case I used both plain and yellow paper since I did not have enough plain paper).
  2. Paint (I used the colors I had left and my students were awesome and making their own colors-hence the brown for fall!).
  3. Q-tips.
  4. Ribbon ( Can be found at your local Dollar Store).
  5. Pencils and scissors.
  6. Newspaper.

Again, super fun, easy, inexpensive and creative for this Thanksgiving week! What are your favorite projects for the holidays?



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