Christmas Traditions!

Happy New Year Friends!! I hope you ALL had a festive Christmas and a fun New Year with your loved ones! While I am excited for a brand new year, I am sad to see the excitement of being around family for the holidays and enjoying the fun that comes along with family traditions come to an end for the year!

This winter break, I took time to stay at home with Heidi girl and Lilly and really enjoy just not working…HA! We were able to get together with friends and family and just keep each other company during the busy school vacation week! So I thought I would hop on here since it has been a while and share some of my favorite family traditions for Christmas. One of them has been in a tradition in our family for over 20 years!!

What traditions do you and your family celebrate? How old are your holiday traditions?

So our 20 year tradition started out with the celebration of my sisters birthday which is on December 20th (she turned 30 this year!!!). Since she was a little girl , my mom would invite her two close college girl friends over with their little ones every Christmas Eve to our house where we celebrate my sisters birthday with cake, ice cream, Christmas presents for all the kids and of course, birthday presents for my sister! A simply fun, festive, celebration us kiddos look forward to every year!

Each year we have continued this tradition on Christmas Eve and of course, each year as we get older, we grow and now some of us have our own families! The past two years, my sister and her boyfriend have taken the lead and hosted this family tradition at their beautiful home. I also invited my best friend and her family over this year, as well as my cousin and his lovely girlfriend as well! The more the merrier!

We have food to indulge in, fun activities to keep us entertained and keep us all away from our phones and just overall have great conversations about the year to keep us all busy and enjoying one another!  Over the past few years, we have created Gingerbread houses for a family contest, and adopted a couple fun gift exchanges! In the past years we have done a Yankee Swap, but this year we did a Sock Exchange! Everyone buys a pair of festive holiday socks, fills each one with fun goodies and we exchange the socks! We also played a new game this year where we rolled up a bunch of scratch tickets, money, candies, gift cards, and random little gifts, into a huge ball made of Saran Wrap.

We have someone roll the dice and the other person has to wear oven mittens and try their best to unravel the wrap to reveal the goodies. The person who has the dice, has to roll doubles in order to stop the roller! You pass the ball around until it gets to the very end! and the final person won MONEY!!!! This game is SO MUCH FUN!!! We were all just laughing so hard and overall having a GREAT time. I highly recommend this game at your next party!

We stay over my sisters house for Christmas eve night and wake up Christmas morning for more fun with my family, parents, sister and her boyfriend Luke! We waited patiently for Santa! Since becoming a mom, Christmas is just so much more fun watching Lilly girl opening her gifts and getting excited for Santa to arrive! The look on her face when she sees a special gift of a puzzle, books, animals and of course her favorite friend, ELMO!! HA!

Family traditions are so important to my family, especially when it is over 20 years old !!! A tradition we look forward to growing bigger each year with adding more family to our celebrations, more laughter to listen to, more smiles to see, more fun to create and just enjoying the gift of each other!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Cheers to welcoming 2019!!!





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