My Top 3 Instagram Boutiques!

Well Hi friends!! It has been MONTHS!!

Life has been insanely busy, and it is time to get back to this blog!

For those who know me, I am an Instagram shop LOVER!! I LOVE, LOVE supporting small shops, especially ones that are handmade items, made in the US, great quality and are super fun to rock for both my family and I. Well, lets be real…myself and Lilly..HA!

Here we go…

My TOP 3 Instagram Shops:

  1. is legit the CUTEST shop ever!! I actually have a few sweaters and a couple nursing dresses from them that I consistently get compliments on at school! The nursing dresses I have to say can be worn post! They have a zipper on each side of the top and it hides!! I still wear them to school during the fall and winter months! My all time favorite top from them is pictured here and I wear this to  school a lot! roolee2 I didn’t want to put all my winter clothing from them up here since its summer…but I can tell you, their styles and prices are a MUST!! So go and check them out!! They are constantly having weekly deals on their Instagram, and their sale page on their site is ongoing!!
  2. is my FAVORITE site to shop for Lilly girl!! Her Remie collection sure is growing!! These clothes guys….for real!! They are SO SOFT and the BEST material!! I honestly have gotten most of her Remie collection from their online sales!! As a matter of fact, they were having their weekly Thursday Summer sale yesterday and I yet again, snagged a super cute mustard dress!! Please go and give this site a look for ALL the cutest girl dresses with pockets ( YUP, I said pockets….the lower left picture, the dress on Lilly has front pockets), leotards, skirts and rompers!!

    3.!!!!!!! You guys, these are the freaking cutest, easiest to clean, and most durable bibs EVER!!!!! We ONLY use these bibs with Lilly….they are handmade by the amazing shop owner Samantha and her hubby! Legit, in her basement I think. They work their BUTTS off!! They come in the cutest colors, different patterns and styles for infants, toddlers, older kiddos! and Lilly cannot take off the snap in the back! They are so dang easy to wipe off food and I just hang them right on Lilly’s toddler chair!! Easy peasy!!


Well my friends, there you have it!! My top three Instagram shops to follow and support!! What are you waiting for? Go and follow them!!

Let me know in the comments what you guys think!! Happy Shopping!



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